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-Quatre's Journal-
[edit] I know we have some people from England on our flists... be safe, everyone. [/edit]

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We've been back from Wufei's since Tuesday evening, but things have been a bit hectic and kept both Trowa and I from updating. The gathering was fairly quiet and no one was arrested, which I'm sure disappoints a number of you, but I don't think any of us were in the mood for flamboyance and decadent partying. It was nice just being together, relaxing and talking.

Trowa and I have been dancing around the subject of what we're going to do with ourselves once my transition from WEI is complete for a while now, and while we were at Wufei's, the time finally felt right to [discuss it]. It's going to mean a lot of changes for both of us, and I won't lie, the idea scares and pains me some, but... I think it's the right move for both of us.

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I am going to take a page from my friends list and do this before I chew through something in frustration.

Dear irresponsible and overly-aggressive driver:

Not once, not twice, but three times in the past month, you've cut me off while I was riding my motorcycle home from WEI. How do I know it's always you? You're the only person I've seen to drive an enormous, expensive, fuel-guzzling, poor mileage monstrosity of a Sports Utility Vehicle in the city... of a colony. You fool.

If I happen to cross paths with you again, I will go home, retrieve the shotels I saved from Sandrock, track you down and cut your obnoxious, obviously-compensating-for-failings-in-private-areas-of-your-life tank into manageable pieces and recyc them out the nearest airlock. And then I will tell my lover and my best friend that you scratched the paint on the bike they worked so hard to restore, and you will be sorry you bothered to get out of bed that morning.

With great annoyance and hoping never to see you again,
Quatre R. Winner

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I’ve been working a bit more overtime than usual lately, though the cause is well worth the effort. The final hurdle I needed to overcome to move my family and other supporters into WEI was resolved as of noon today, when one of the board members most vocally against the plan finally retired. Owning more stock than the Board is all well and good in terms of decision-making, but having a majority of people on said Board that support my efforts gives me the peace of mind I need to finally take that step back from WEI.

Starting around the end of April, the majority of my duties will be delegated out to various members of my family and other WEI employees who supported me, have the skills, and who expressed interest in the job. I will retain the title of CEO and still be a part of the major decision-making process, but I’ll no longer have to deal with the daily grind of having to run such a large operation.

My future is suddenly a blank canvas – or nearly so, considering what I’ve been doing with my life up until now – and I can’t imagine where I’ll be a year from now with so much of my time my own. Trowa and I have had discussions in the past on what we could do once this finally came to fruition, but we never went very far with them simply because it was foolish to dream at that point. I know of one thing in particular that’s at the top of the list, it’d require giving up some things I worked very hard for, and love very much, though, and I’m not certain I’m ready for that, but..*shrugs* That’s all ahead of me, and right now all I have planned for my future is my celebratory dinner with Trowa in about an hour and a half at The Flame.

The future can wait, life is too good right now to live for anything but the moment.
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A long time ago, someone asked for pictures of the house. I've just now gotten around to taking a few and thought I'd post them. They aren't the best, I used an old film camera rather than my digital, so some of the colors are off, but it does the job. It's in much better shape now than it was when I moved in.

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Happy birthday, scrapper_grrl. Unlike Trowa, I have confidence in your ability to stay out of trouble. For a short time, at least.
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I was looking through my previous posts and realized we're about two weeks passed the two year anniversary of when we started these journals. With that in mind, I see that it's also been a little over a year since we posted our "Ask Us Anything" meme. I thought it'd be interesting to turn the quiz into a yearly anniversary-related post. It gives everyone the opportunity to ask us things they might not otherwise, and a chance for those who've newly friended us or who choose to lurk to come out and join us for a bit without having to commit themselves to a more serious post. Or one of the weirder ones that crop up occassionally. Those tend to intimidate even me. *grimace*

That being the case:

Ask me a question - anything about me or my life - and I will give you an honest answer. I'm going to change this year's quiz a bit and allow any sort of question, though if it's completely tasteless and asked only for the shock factor rather than a genuine enquiry, I reserve the right to not answer.

Have patience with me as far as answers go, please. My schedule is somewhat hectic right now.

Edit - I'm going to bring this a bit closer to home for us and make it clear that I mean anyone can ask, and that includes, Trowa, Wufei and the others.

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I was given [a second riddle] to solve, and I apologize for taking so long with this, it's been a busy week. The answer to the riddle: a kiss.

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Abdul paid me a visit yesterday after work.Collapse )

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We leave for New Orleans tomorrow. I'm looking forward to seeing you [ prove yourself ]. Excuse me... keep your promise. *smirks*

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