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Quatre R. Winner
11 January
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Overworked, overpaid, rather tired 25 year-old CEO of Winner Enterprises. The other pilots and I use these journals to keep in touch with each other.

You're more than welcome to friend us, just be polite and relatively mature. If you get unpleasant with us, talk down to us, or in any way make these journals less than fun, we will have to start approving posts, and no one wants that. The long and the short of it is, if you respect us, we'll respect you.

If you should need a refresher on what's happened in past journal posts, or are new to our journals, please check out the website we put up; it houses a synopsis of our story so far, any conversations we've had outside of our journals, fanart, and any side stories that have been written. If the site doesn't answer any question you might have, feel free to ask us personally. We'll be happy to answer them.

DO NOT be afraid to post in our journals. Yes, there are people we interact with on a regular basis, but that does not mean we don't welcome newcomers. We're a friendly group, I promise.

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